Praying for someone who can help with web page for our Bible Institute

Our Bible Institute started in Toulouse in 1968, it then moved to the Paris area in 1980 and then to Lille in 2007.  Over these many years, there have been a number of servants trained for the work in France.  There have been American student missionaries, some of which came to France right out of high school as well as French young people.  Together, there were evangelistic teams formed, and a number of churches were founded using these teams.
In 2007, when we moved the Institute up to Lille, we began filming the classes and put them online.  We had a few students following this distance learning program at first and this last year, we went to 10 students.  We believe that eventually, this program may be able to train many more than we could have with the traditional classroom situation.
In 2010, we started the Apollos Program, a 1-year program of training and evangelism.  But since then, we have no longer had the regular 3-year program. It has been more or less replaced by the video classes.
Lately, we have been praying that the Lord will send us someone who can help us develope our online courses that we are using for our Bible Institute.  We have recorded the classes on video and have the notes in either PDF or Word files.  But there is much more that can be done.

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