The hospitality part of our ministry

We just had Martine at our place for 2 nights, she is studying at the university here in Lille, she is a Christian that lives in Toulouse and knows our daughter Rebecca, Then Dominique M will be arriving today, she will be working with us with the Bible Institute, then this afternoon, Alex and her mother will be arriving from Bulgaria, Alex will be in Lille for her University studies and her mother will be here for a week getting her settled in. We have another request for someone coming to Lille for medical reasons, that the wife in the couple needs a place to stay while her husband is in the hospital, then the 23rd to 26th, we will have the distance learning students here for exams and some classes, then we will have Samuel L. that will be coming to France, be staying here and studying French at the university . This is the hospitality part of our ministry. Thanks for your prayers.

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