prayer request for Febuary

Prayer requests : pray for the salvation of so many lost people here,
            but in particular, those that the Lord has brought on our path.
            We see God at work in their lives, but it doesn't seem automatic
            that they grasp their need for salvation and trust Christ as               Savior! I think the power of prayer must be needed, and you can help there!

     Just to mention a few : our dentist. We've had an ongoing contact with him for several years. I could almost write a book about the times we've seen God at work, seeking him. But just to bring you up to date : I had an appointment with him this past Mon. and for the 2nd time, he didn't make me pay. The last time when I thanked him, he said : "I'm the one thanking you. You know I'm seeking."  This time, he said, "... maybe it will help 'save my soul.'"  What an opportunity to share the gospel ! I answered, "No, it won't help..." and was able to quote Eph.2/8,9 and give an illustration. (I added, "maybe I should pay you after all !") It was a good conversation, but it seems clear he's been taught good works for salvation,etc. We've given him a New Testament, a gospel calendar and lately, Josh and Sean McDowell's book, "More than a Carpenter." Pray that God open his eyes!

I've already written a book, so I'd better wind down !

2 other contacts : a family of 5 young-adult kids we met in June at a neighborhood picnic. The mother asked if they could come by our church some Sun. (!!). They're from a Catholic background, but she wanted to expose her kids to something else. Well, they never came, but in Dec. the 17 yr. old boy, Corentin. came by and started talking with Greg. He came back 2 or 3 times after that and early Jan. came back and was devastated by a decision one of his sisters had just made. He came to church the next Sun. and brought 2 other sisters and his mother for desert that afternoon at our New Year's meal. It was a balm for their hurting hearts, and they seemed sincerely appreciative,but we hadn't seen them again until day before yesterday when I ran into them at a bus-stop just after having prayed for them, hoping that the contact with them wouldn't be lost - praise the Lord !!  Pray they can catch the salvation message.

Last contact : Our Muslim neighbors down the street whose teenage son is reportedly seeking truth. Last week, I was finally able to give him a short Bible study lesson when we just "happened" to meet on the sidewalk. Do pray for him. Thanks!

Otherwise, do pray for a young family in our church whose 3 sons have health problems. Especially for the oldest, Jeremie, 12 yrs. old who's been diagnosed with a very serious and rare disease called Besets. We're very concerned for him as the disease keeps flaring up. Pray for strength and grace for the parents, and I'd like to pray for healing for Jeremie.

Sorry this is so long ! but thanks for praying :) !

Love in Christ, Greg and Judy Sirmons

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