Prayer request - Feb 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


Here are some of our prayer requests,


We have asked in the past for the salvation of Mrs Piers.  Since she had her stroke in 2012, she has not been able to attend church, but Judy has kept contact with her.  She still is in need of salvation as she believes that even if she is a sinner, she is not bad enough for the need of salvation.  For quite some time, her granddaughter, Sandrine, has rented an apartment next door to us.  Sandrine is a militant communist and atheist.  But we have had a good contact with her.  We pray that she may come to know that God does exist and that she needs the Lord Jesus as Saviour.  We believe something is going on in her heart even though she may not yet be willing to admit it.  She often eats with us at our fellowship meals and lately she’s expressed the desire to attend the young adults meeting and also the ladies’ Bible study!


There is another Sandrine who is the cleaning lady for Madeleine, one of the members of our church here in Lille.  She has been coming to Judy’s monthly ladies Bible studies.  She is so excited about what she is learning.  Pray for her salvation also.


Then there is a college-age guy that lives in the neighbourhood.  He has professed to accepting Jesus as Saviour, but has his ups and downs.  Pray that he will grow in the knowledge of our Lord and be founded in Him. 


There are a number of our neighbours, that we have shared the gospel with, but have not yet come to Christ.  Pray for Jean-Guy and Laurence, Berezug and Souéla, the baker lady, a couple that were friends of the Dumetz, and several others.


Rhave is the brother of one of the members of our church, who are from Madagascar. He came to France for his studies. He started coming to church, and he has trusted Christ and will be baptized soon.  It was a real joy to see him come to the Lord and now to grow in Him!


We praise the Lord for Jacqueline, whom I was able to baptize a few months ago. She sought the Lord and over a period of time, He found her.  When she found our church, she was ripe and hungry for the Word.  She has been a real blessing!


Amanda, a neighbour of another member of our church, has been coming to church with her for over a year now.  I started a personal Bible study with her.  She has had no background of any belief in God.  She seems to be beginning to understand what I have been teaching her.  She had no concept of sin, or of eternity.  Please pray that the Lord will open her intelligence and for her salvation.


For the Bible Institute, we have over 20 men enrolled in our classes by video over the internet. We have them come to Lille 3 times a year for classes and exams. In January, we had 7 of them here.  For the Greek class, we are now using Skype and this is allowing for more follow-up.  


Please pray for the Weber family, 2 of their 4 kids have serious health problems as well as the mother having a fragile health.  Pray also for their couple as there has been a bit of stress there.  Pray that the Lord will guide us to be able to help them.


Pray for a fellow pastor and his family as they are having serious problems in their couple.  I may soon be needing to take a role in the church where he has been pastor as the situation is going to bring him to leave the ministry.  This is very hard on everyone connected to this situation.   


Pray for the health of Hanifa, she had a stroke several years ago. She is a sister in Christ that is going through a discouraging series of setbacks with her health.


The family from Madagascar in our church has a real burden for their country.  Judy and I as well as a 1 or 2 others will be travelling to Madagascar with them from June 28th to July 16th.  We will be visiting 7 or 8 churches with the goal of sharing the Word, encouraging the brethren and sharing the gospel.  Please pray that the Lord will provide in every way for this short mission trip and protect us as we go.


Of course, please continue to pray for our regular activities, Sunday morning services and the weekly Bible studies as well as prayer meeting.  The church here is growing in number, please pray that the brethren will grow spiritually also.


Thank you once again for your prayers and support.


Yours in Christ,

Greg and Judy Sirmons

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