News March 2015

I just got out of the hospital, we went down to Toulouse to spend time with our daughter and her family after they just lost their 2 month old baby.  While we were there, I was on a latter that slipped out from under me and I broke my arm at the shoulder.  They have place a plate with 7 screws to hold everything in place.

In January, we have had 2 baptisms.  Praise the Lord for these two young people who gave witness of their faith in Jesus Christ.  Corentin is a young man who lives near us.  We met him at a neighborhood picnic about 3 years ago and he trusted Christ in January 2014. Pray for the rest of his family. Then Adelaide is a young lady who spent a summer in the States, and the Christian family with which she stayed were such a witness that she came to Christ.  Upon returning to France, she continued her studies in Lille and has become part of our church family.

Then their is a young couple that lives across the street from us, who are searching for truth.  They are full of questions and eager to hear more.  They’ve come to church for several Sundays and to our home twice. We have shared with them that Jesus Christ is the truth and that by simple faith in Him, they can receive eternal life and know God. Pray that they take the step of faith and accept the Lord as their Savior. 

We had several of the Bible Institute’s students here in January for some classes.  Pray that those who follow our classes by Internet, will be able to progress.   We have a total of about 20 students enrolled, but only about half are advancing.

Our New Year's Eve get-together went well as so did the Christmas program.  We had a few unsaved visitors who heard the gospel.  Pray for Frank, the husband of one of the ladies that comes to our church. He is a Catholic, but is open to the things of the Lord.  Pray that he will see clearly the message of faith alone.

Each week goes by so fast, we have our regular actives (Bible studies, church service, prayer meeting, the planning meeting for the Bible Institute, as well as monthly activities such as the ladies meeting and a men’s supper and Bible study.  We don’t know where time goes, but the Lord opens doors to share the gospel.  Judy has had a contact with Cecile, a lady who is also searching. Also, pray for Jean-Guy, a neighbor, who is seeking a life with God, he has recently been diagnosed with cancer.  Pray that the work of the Lord will bring forth much fruit.

You can call us on our Magic Jack phone (913-871-4427, this is a Kansas number

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