Prayer letter October 2015

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October 27, 2015

Dear Friends and Supporters,
Since our return to France, we have been busy with church services, Bible studies, contacts, and so forth. We Skype for weekly planning meetings with the others we work with the Bible Institute.

The Braderie (Flea Market) went well in September. We arrived about 7:15 in the morning and found a free spot pretty quickly, We sold 5 Bibles, one of which was to a man who said that he had been looking for a Bible and really wanted to read it. But, there was also an atheist who started yelling at us that God did not exist, with a number of insulting remarks. We understood from his wife that their family had been hurt by a cult. Unfortunately he did not want to talk but to yell at us. Pray that the Lord touch his heart. Pray that those who received one of our tracts may be touched by the gospel message.

We had a couple of the Institute's students here for the session in September. We were in Paris this last week for the annual meetings of the French Baptist Alliance (ABF) and the annual business meetings for the Bible Institute. We are now starting to prepare for the Christmas program.

At the end of September, Joe Logan arrived from Pharr, Texas. He will be with us for 3 months. He is praying about the possibility of serving the Lord in France. We have been teaching him some French and he is progressing very well.

One very good piece of news, is about Sandrine, the grand-daughter of Mrs Peirs, that many of you have been praying for. Well, Sandrine lives next door and we have had an ongoing contact with her. When we first met her, she was a militant communist and atheist. Well, since we have been back from the States, she has totally changed, she has professed to trust the Lord and is open to spiritual things. (John 3:8 is real) Please do pray for her,, because the spiritual battle is real, too.

Judy has restarted the monthly Ladies' Bible study. There was a very good group for the first one, a few weeks ago. Our bakery lady, Nicole, did come; please pray for her salvation. Her mother passed away and we attended the funeral. This has given Judy several opportunities to share with her and answer some questions about eternity.

I saw the surgeon that operated on my shoulder last March. I will see him again January 8th and he will schedule to operate in order to remove the plate that he put in my upper arm sometime at the end of January. And when I will be unconscious during the operation, he will also stretch the muscles that are not elastic enough for me to have full motion of my arm. Please keep this in your prayers.

Praise the Lord, we were able to buy a 2004 Renault Laguna, with an automatic transmission. This has allowed me to be able to drive. Otherwise, most cars in France are standard shift, which is hard to drive with the left arm and at the same time be able to shift the gears with the right hand.

Thank you for your prayers and support. May the Lord bless each of you for it.

Yours in Christ,
Greg and Judy Sirmons
44 rue du faubourg de Bethune
59000 Lille, FRANCE

Voip phone : 913-871-4427

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